Liquid Sodium Polyacrylate


Liquid Sodium Polyacrylate

Our Productfind application in ceramic industry, particularly in the wet milling process. In wet grinding process when particles are crushed in ball mill to breakdown into smaller particles the viscosity of the slurry increases due to formulation of new surface area these increasing viscosity affects the grinding process. Liquid Sodium Polyacrylates zisperses the newly form clay particles and reduced the viscosity of the slurry and provide efficiency in milling process. This Product provides multifold benefit in ceramic industry like :

offers high reduction in water this saves lot of time and cost in next spray drying process.

Reduce viscosity and stable dispersion of the slurry facilitates easy handling and storage of the slurry.

These Liquid provide a cost effective replacement for Powder sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP).